Company audits, start ups and divestments

Intellectual and more particularly Industrial Property audits are a major concern of LEGRAND LESAGE-CATEL, and one of Olivier Legrand’s special interests.

Olivier Legrand works on the identification and valuation of corporate portfolios of intellectual property rights.

In close collaboration with corporate in-house technical and financial divisions and their external Counsel, our law firm issues opinions in regard to the validity, valuation and ownership of patentable or patented inventions, trademarks, designs and models, extending more generally to the whole field of intellectual property rights.

Intellectual Property audits are an important contributor to negotiating corporate mergers and ensuring their legal safety.

LEGRAND LESAGE-CATEL performs due diligence for merger-acquisitions, and for partial or total acquisitions of equity or assets, in which Intellectual Property portfolios may be of determining importance.

LEGRAND LESAGE-CATEL is also a valued enabler of company start-ups seeking protection of their intangible assets, and later as a contributor to raising growth funds.