Fees charged by Cabinet LEGRAND LESAGE-CATEL are wherever necessary increased by expenses incurred (advances payable to court bailiffs, fees for expert opinion, translators, etc.), including the payment of mandatory taxes (stamp duty and court fees). Fees are set by agreement with clients to take into consideration (as required by Article 10 of Law No. 71-1130 of 31 December 1971), the client’s situation, the difficulties inherent to the case, the workload entailed and costs of the required formal procedures.

Fees are generally invoiced on an hourly basis at an average rate of €350 for partners and €230 for staff lawyers. Rates may be modified by agreement, setting specific hourly rates taking into consideration the scale or complexity of the case, the frequency of lawyer/client meetings and other particulars. Performance-related supplementary fees may be payable. In certain circumstances flat rate charges may be preferred.

LEGRAND LESAGE-CATEL fees are invoiced to clients at regular intervals detailing services performed, time spent on the case and the expenses incurred.

Determining, invoicing and collecting fees takes place under the final authority of Monsieur le Bâtonnier de l’Ordre des Avocats au Barreau de Paris, the official representative of the Paris Bar, under procedures providing for the option to take unresolved disputes to the national Mediator appointed by the Conseil National des Barreaux (French National Bar Council).

The information allowing you to contact and to seize the Mediator are accessible via the link: https://mediateur-consommation-avocat.fr/saisir-le-mediateur/