Industrial and Intellectual Property advice and legal representation

LEGRAND LESAGE-CATEL is Counsel to both companies and individuals in all areas of intellectual property law:

  • Company disposals, contribution of assets, liquidation, restructuring and corporate mergers: LEGRAND LESAGE-CATEL lawyers identify, assess and contribute to the valuation of corporate Intellectual Property assets.The law firm is also involved in all issues of portfolios of invention patents, trademarks and models as well as domain names and the law of literary and artistic property.
  • The law firm drafts agreements for the assignation or conveyance or licensing of intellectual property rights, acting in an advisory capacity to the corporate world and to individuals in regard to the warranty or other clauses best suited to the protection of rights both under contract and upon termination. The law firm also issues the legally required public notice of such contracts.
  • In close collaboration with the legal experts and technical staff of its client companies, our lawyers review cases either pending or prior to action in the courts. Among issues are contract performance and termination, infringement, temporary injunctions, assessment of the suitability of court proceedings and/or the search for alternative solutions by amicable compounding, arbitration or mediation.

Acting in an advisory capacity in the Intellectual and more particularly in Industrial Property fields, the firm’s lawyers seek to assess and protect the value of a business’s intangible assets in clients’ best interest.

Seeking early legal advice in the intellectual property field from specialist Counsel outside the context of on-going litigation is a valuable means of ensuring that intellectual property rights are exploited to best effect, or protected in anticipation of potential legal threat.